Monday, July 16, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Gonna try out my new stationary on you. We got our P.X. ration tonight. Have a store uptown where you take your card and get it punched. I got 14 packs of cigarettes, 10 candy bars, soap, shaving stuff, mirror, fruit juice, and god knows what all for fifteen kroner. That’s three bucks worth. They didn’t have any of my hair erl tho.

Well, honey, I got your July 3 and 4 letters today. Also one from Mom, one from Mildred and one from Coe. Quite a haul, huh!

You speak of serving peach cake at your club. We had peach pie and ice cream today for dinner. I ate it too. I still don’t like cabbage or sauerkraut tho and we are getting a lot of that. The ice cream was the Norsky variety and it didn’t taste quite right but it served the purpose.

It sure is hot now kid. I’m sitting here in my unn wear.

So Chick has a gal friend who is a kraut! Do he get caught it means sixty-five bucks and busted. They must be more lenient now than when we were there. Sounds as if he might have a serious affair if you say he mentioned that she didn’t want to come to the States. Wouldn’t do her any good to want anyway because they wouldn’t let her.

Honey, I’ve already told you in another letter about all the guys you know. You must not have the letter yet. I haven’t seen Close for quite some time but he is still around.

You’d better start letting your hair grow. You almost look like a skinned tomato with your hair cut off. I suppose I would live with you tho if it was short.

I am hoping to see you the latter part of September but for Lord’s sake don’t bank on it. All I’ve got is a rumor and things can change mighty fast in that length of time. I’m sure hoping and praying for it tho. I shouldn’t tell you these things because I know what will happen. No need to mention it to the folks. Then if it turns out as I expect and we don’t come it won’t hurt anyone but me and you.

Guess you didn’t have such a good fourth either, huh kid? Better days are coming I hope.

I’m on C.Q. again tomorrow, dangit. Should get a change to write some letters.

Finally got started on the building again today. Got some more Jerries and went out and got some more pieces to finish it. Got another one to build now too. Why???

I’m going to start enclosing negatives till I get them all home to you. They are old ones. One is a house under shell fire from Jerry. That wasn’t near so far away as it looked. Sure love you honey. Miss you like hell. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

So long.


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