Tuesday, July 17, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got “boo coos” [beaucoup] more mail today, honey. Three from you, one of the being that very fine card. Mighty sweet sentiments. The other two were dated June 26, and July 9. The June jobs was written from Vienna. Guess you were having quite a time. I also got a swell card from Mom, and one from Rudy (a letter), one from Ernest Hoffman telling me he’ll write when he gets to the States. I also got a letter back that I wrote Erv. It’s marked “enroute US” so I hope he is. Just read in the Stars and Stripes that no combat troops had left Italy for the States yet. That was July 13. Boy I’ll be he’s sure griping. But the above writing was dated the 15th so maybe he left.

Lord, kid, I don’t keep track of Bob Petit. If he’s got a girlfriend, okay. He must have if he’s asking for lipstick, powder, etc. He can’t use that himself.

(I’m writing this in bed, and it’s going uphill on me, ain’t it?)

The sergeant put the quietus on the C.Q. so I didn’t have to pull it today.

Sure wish I was home to cash in on some of that Ozier work. By the time I get there I suppose he will have plenty of guys. The way I feel now I’m ready to go back to work anytime.

Lordy I’m sure behind in my correspondence. Seems like I owe everyone a letter.

No, kid, I didn’t stop at Copenhagen. He must have gone by boat to in order to do all that. The rest of it he was talking about Oslo, I guess.

Sure laughed at Harry talking about the chickens laying the two eggs. He a typical big city operator.

Glad you got to have a little visit with Hilah. I expect it is lonesome for you when all your friends have moved away. Just don’t let Jennie talk you into anything. Her misery might like some company.

I’ll be patiently waiting for the cookies — and whisky. You must be trying to run competition to a bakery to make 200. How many weeks did it take?

I’m glad you took out the Postal savings. As long as we’re putting money in the bank we might as well get interest on it. I didn’t know there was a thousand dollar limit. We’ll need some cash on hand where we can get ahold of it quick when I get home.

What’s this about all the restaurants closing? Are things really that tough. The way you guys have been talking whenever you got hungry you went up town and ate.

Guess I know a direct order when I get one. I’d like to have some candy bars if you can get some. Also gum.

Hope your anniversary day is a happy one even tho we aren’t together. Remember I love you and miss you honey.

So long now.


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