Saturday, July 28, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Golly, honey, I haven’t got any letters from you now for two days. I got one from Mom yesterday of June 1st that had an APO of 413 and she didn’t put the infantry regiment number on it. It was all marked up but it finally got here. The top kick says he don’t expect us to get any mail for awhile why I don’t know.

One of the guys bought this typewriter, and it’s a Norwegian one. There is a couple of things different with the keyboard. One is that the z is where the y should be, so if you run across anz words in here that don’t look just xxright, you’ll know the reason why.

I won’t be going anzplace this week-end as we are alert company again. I noticed my name wasn’t on the list for tomorrow, but maybe they are saving it for Monday. I can’t ever miss anything. I got to work tomorrow too. The Jerries haven’t been coming on Sundays but they will now. We are getting a pretty fair start on the chapel building now. This is about the laziest bunch of Jerries we’ve had yet. Some of them have been cops and they aren’t used to manual labor. Boy, they sure get me mad sometimes. That’s when I wish I knew more German words. I have been taking a truck full of them to load the sections for the past week. The sections are plenty heavy, and have been laying out in the weather for I don’t know how long, consequently they are water soaked.

We didn’t have any parade today for some reason or other. Guess there aren’t enough to make up a good parade. Seems like we are always doing something.

Well, what do you hear from Chick and Erv? Are either of them home yet? I suppose Joannie is on pins and needles. I wrote Ozier a letter the other day, asking for some information. I’ll let you know how it comes out. We sure got to live some place, kid. I don’t want to get suck up in one room, no place. After we spend all our dough this time, I’ll have to go back in the army and we can save some more. It looks like we saved more by me being in the army than ever before. How come? Was I a spendthrift? Not driving that car is saving about twenty bucks a month.

Me and Prosise went to Oslo yesterday. We were going to go swimming but the weather turned a little chilly to suit me. It is still cool today. There must be something to do in Oslo, but I don’t know what it is. I generally find myself wandering around and guzzling a beer here and there. Our liquor ration has been stopped now. Too many drunks. I was just wondering how long that was going to hold up. The officers are still getting theirs tho. Lord, I’ll be glad to get out of this army where I’ll feel like a white man again. It generally turns out that the officers are the ones who make the biggest fools of themselves.

I went to the show in town the other day. Saw the siege of Stalingrad. Between the war and the Norwegian talking I had a headache when I came out. The pictures looked like the real thing tho, and not taken on maneuvers like some of ours are. They even pose a lot of their pictures too. A guy just can’t believe in anything anymore.

Honey, you don’t have to send me any cigarettes. I get my regular ration every week of seven packs. How could you send me them when you smoke yourself? Or are you cutting down on them now?

I sure am having a tough time writing this letter. I don’t have enough to say. I’ve covered about everything that I intended to say now. I sure wish I knew when the hell I was coming home. I hate to think of sitting here this winter with six feet of snow around me. Might as well be in the hoosegow. They have a huge ski jump above town. That looks like something a guy should do if he is tired of everything. It sits way up at the top of the mountain. What keeps a guy from going on to Oslo, I don’t know. These people all seem to be experts at most every sport. They can’t play baseball or football but are willing to learn.

It looks like I have about reached my bitter all. I think I’ll give up and go to bed. Sure love you and miss you.

So long now.

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