Wednesday, July 25, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got two swell packages today and two swell letters from you yesterday. Sure do thank you. One of the packages had a return address of Mrs. F.B. Bruns so I don’t know which to thank. The handwriting looked like yours. They were both full of candy bars, caramels, and cookies. Those are shore mighty fittin’ cookies. Have had a lot of compliments on them already.

Honey, I never even had a chance to write you a letter yesterday, but I sure thought about you, especially about “that time”. Guess our time difference is about six hours but that didn’t make any difference. I was wondering what you were doing. I was on the train bound for Oslo with a great big M.P. helmet on my noggin and wearing a pistol. Strictly against my principles but didn’t have much choice. After we got there we checked our helmets and weapons at the Red Cross, had a couple sammiches and coffee there and then went to the Grand Hotel bar. It isn’t anything more than a great big room full of tables. We had a couple beers and then went to the Allied Forces Club. We had to report back by eleven and was supposed to hand around the station and see that all the drunks made it on the train okay. We had to wait and come home on the 12:25 jobby. It was two bells before I got back and boy was I bushed. Ordinarily we don’t pull that job but at present we have to once in awhile.

Honey, I hate to think of you being cluttered up in one room there but I’m in hopes we will be able to find something to live in when I come home. Keep your eye peeled in the meantime. I am going to write Cecil and see what kind of proposition he could make us. Our money (if we got any) should be as good as the next one.

I expect you guys are all excited about Chick coming home. I’m glad he fixed Harry and Billy up with the helmet and stuff. At least I hope he fixed Harry up — if he didn’t he’d better not come home. I just don’t go in for collecting all that crap. I’d have to lug it around till we came to a place I could send it. I struck it lucky on the Jerry flying jacket or I wouldn’t even sent that. When we were in Germany the APO’s were hard to find — at least ones that would handle packages. We moved so fast it was hard for our mail to keep up with us.

I got another letter from Mildred, and a v-mail from E. Hanson yesterday. He had just received my second letter that I wrote months ago.

I’m sending you our paper. That’s a pic of our patch. Sure love you and miss you honey.

So long now.


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