Monday, July 30, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got your two swell letters of the 16th and 19th today and two packages. One had shaving cream in it and the other funny papers and four packs of cigarettes. Sure thank you, honey, but you don’t need to send me cigarettes. You probably need them yourself, don’t you? I also got another letter from Mom today.

From the way you describe things at home, I guess I’d better stay in the army, huh. No clothes, no unnawear, no eats, no nuttin’! You got suthin’ yet tho, haven’t you? My momma was telling me about Louise Thompson having a baby and she said she was forty years old — so that if I got home pretty soon there is a chance for us yet! Suppose?? We’ll have to work over time, huh.

It’s funny you haven’t heard from Erv or Chick yet. From the way the guys letters sound that have gone through it, you’ve got to lay around in one of these camps for a month or more for boats. We just got a letter from our old platoon sergeant who made it as far as England from here. He is a tech sergeant and they are having them pull K.P. and guard the same as a buck private. Boy, that’s a fine way to muster a guy out of the army. The fellows are really burned up about the way things are being handled. It looks like they’d at least try to make a guys last days in the army halfway pleasant.
I’m still working on the chapel, kid. The Jerrys have to work till six o’clock now. They have been getting by with only putting in about three hours work so they are clamping down on them now.

It sure has turned out cool here lately. I have on a jerry sweater — one like I sent home — and it feels good.

I sewed on my USA Canada patch the other day. We can wear them on our right sleeve. Haven’t heard whether we can wear the lanyard or not. Probably not.

I’m anxiously awaiting the hair tonic as my noggin looks like I’ve been scared out of a ten years growth. Can you still get the interior kind too? Since they stopped our liquor ration, we’re going to be hurting. I’ll end this with form no. 1. I’d like to have some candy bars if you can get some.

Sure love you, honey, and miss you. Thanks again.

So long now.


Snook’s jacket with the USA Canada patch on the right arm.

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