Wednesday, August 1, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I got your two packages of towels and wash rags, complete with cigarettes and razor blades. Now I can wash again. I got one yesterday and one today but no mail. Sure thank you for everything. Did you say they came out of Mom’s cedar chest? She also has the hanky Mrs. Ack gave me for my first birthday. Of course, that hasn’t been so long ago.

I was just reading in the Stars ’n Stripes on how the G.I.s are fraternizing with the Jerry women. I can well understand how they would but don’t see why they should. They probably figure “to the victor belongs the spoils”. I can say for sure that I had nothing to do with any of them, man or woman. You’d have to be there to understand how it really is. It isn’t nice to talk about but when people are hungry, they’ll do anything. And I mean anything. Then the German woman were pretty lax in their morals anyway. Not many of our guys got into anything like that as they were watched pretty closely. Our job was to follow up the army and clean up any small resistance. We would surround a town and then go into it and search every house from top to bottom. We looked for weapons of any sort. Found quite a few too. You can imagine how they liked us after giving their house a going over.

Well, honey, they tell me I have a Staff Sergeant rating coming up. Why, I don’t know. I wish it was a discharge in place. I’ll have to find out about the allotment. I think it has to be changed. Don’t think the government will donate any more. Anyway, it isn’t official yet so maybe I won’t even get it.

I went to town last night with Prosise and saw a movie. Saw Humphrey Bogart in “Fare to Panama” or something like that. The name was in Norwegian so I have to guess at the titles. It was pretty good but far fetched. After the show we went to a little half-assed carnival they have here. We had a beer there and spent a few øre in a slot machine, also took a shot with a rifle. They have rifles that shoot little darts in place of bullets. Like a BB gun. They are accurate at a range of two inches. Then we went to the Red Cross and had coffee and a sammich and then came home. A lovely evening was had by all. I sure am fed up with this existence.

We got paid yesterday. I got forty-two bucks I think it was. That’s quite a bit of money here for all a guy can buy. P.X. rations and beer is about the limit.

Had to eat the Jerries’ ass out twice today, kid. The ones that are working on the chapel. It seems every time I leave about half of them take off and go sit down. I told them they would have to finish the job by Sunday and if they didn’t start working they’d have to stay there till 8 o’clock in place of six. They sure hate that. They didn’t like it because they had to work till six when they have been getting off at four. The way it was going it didn’t pay for them to come.

Won’t be long until your birthday, will it, honey? Damn I wish I could get you something. I feel like a heel. Everything has been going so lopsided. Did you ever buy your pearls you were talking about? I wish you would.

Well, honey, this is about all I have to offer tonight. Sure hope you’re still feeling okay and not being bothered with your backache, headache, leg ache, and stuff, Sure love you like everything and miss you, kid.

So long now.


Across the Pacific” is the most likely candidate for the movie Snook saw, whose Norwegian title loosely translated was “Fare to Panama”, as the film takes place in Panama.

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