Tuesday, August 21, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Haven’t heard from you in the last couple of days but guess I’d better dash one off to you any way. You seem to have more trouble getting letters than I do.

Prosise and I decided to go to town last night and see a show. To keep from going nuts more than anything else. We saw Paulette Goddard and Jimmy Stewart in “Pot of Gold” with Horace [Heidt’s] band. It was pretty good, at least a hell of a sight better than the one I went to last week and sit through. It was all Norwegian.

I keep reading where all 85 pointers will be home by next month and of all the thousands they are shipping. If something don’t happen around here pretty soon there’s going to be some hollering done. I think they are too afraid of being let out of a job and want to do anything. They could turn loose all the high pointers if they wanted to. Boy I sure get disgusted and discouraged.

One thing maybe if I have to wait awhile longer before being sent home things will be a little more settled down. Right now I imagine everything is in a mess.

Things seem kinda swell over there in Japan don’t they? Something about that isn’t quite right. I just hope they clamp down so hard that there never can be any more trouble. I just don’t trust those bastards.

Looks like it’s going to be another dreary old day. It’s clouding up and looks like rain. Kinda’ chilly too. I notice they are taking sizes for parkas and heavy underwear but that doesn’t mean a whole lot as the army prepares for everything.

My mouth is a little better now but still tender. I swear the next tooth is going to have to rot out.

Lord, honey, I sure wish I could see you. I just get so lonesome for you. More and more all the time now that the time is so close. Love you with all my heart.

So long now.


Poster for “Pot ‘O Gold” starring Jimmy Stewart and Paulette Goddard. Source: IMDb

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