Saturday, August 18, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Was going to write you yesterday but got to feeling so tough that I didn’t quite make it. I had started one to the folks yesterday morning and I barely got that one done. Had a tooth yanked out yesterday morning and it sure knocked me out. Guess I waited too long to have it done and it was ulcerated. Also had my throat sore. I’ve been taking it easy today. Slept most of the afternoon. Member what a time I had just afore I got in the army? If it keeps on I won’t have to worry about teeth much longer.

As far as the end of the Jap war here was concerned, everything was perfectly quite. No yelling, no nuttin. Outside of me being half in the bag at the club there was nothing unusual happened. Guess from the way the papers read everyone at home went off their crock. I’m just plain thankful it’s all over and now if they will please take me home I won’t bother them any longer. We’ve all looked forward for quite awhile to this day but now that it’s here no one seems to know what to do about it.

One of the fellows says he just heard over the radio where the Allied occupation of Norway would be over in two weeks. Whatever that means I don’t know. From the way things are going on around here it certainly doesn’t look like we are coming home very soon. Another small batch of high pointers just left this morning. We had three from our company. Sure envied them but maybe I’ll make it one of these days.

We finally got our P.X. rations today. We got two weeks of rations of cigarettes so I’m pretty well fixed at present. Boy I was sure hurting and so was everyone else. Now if someone doesn’t steal these, I’ll be alright.
Honey, why don’t you just not plan on sending any Christmas packages this year. As unsettled as everything is there is no telling what might happen. In the event I’m still here at Christmas it will still be okay by me. It will never be Christmas till I’m home with you anyway.

Almost forgot to tell you I got your Aug. 8 letter yesterday and a letter from Claudie today with his pictures in it. He was putting up his new trellis that he made.

We got another issue of the Spearhead today so I’ll send it on to you.

Surely Chick is home by now! How is he getting along with his 19 shirts. Maybe you’ll have to cut some of them up and make him some shorts. Looks like when I when I get there I’ll have to go as “an natural” till things loosen up a little.

Remember the kid I wrote you about who knew some Welsh in Attica? Well, he just got back from a furlough in England. He got to marry a gal from there who is a nurse. He knew her before the war. He sure had quite a time getting his papers but finally swung the deal. Now he’s just as a happy as if he had good sense.

How are you and Hilah making it now that she is back in the folds again? Evidently Jack didn’t care too much for that defense plant work. Don’t imagine it was very desirable but then, what is?

Well, honey, the news is running low. Sure hope you aren’t riding side saddle next time I see you. You gonna? Love you with all my heart, honey. Sure do miss you and hope I see you soon.

So long now.


Chick home at last! Here (from left to right) we see Gee, Joannie, Chick, and Francis Bruns. Photo source:

Chick indeed had arrived home, the very day this letter was written! If you’ve enjoyed Snook’s letters so far, you will likely also enjoy reading Chick’s diary and letters home from his time as a Sergeant in the US Army’s 3rd Division, 10th Combat Engineers, available at or on Amazon (not an affiliate link).

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