Sunday, August 26, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, I sure am having a time tonight with this guard business. Things sure are rushing. One of the guys picked up two Norsky kids that stole a carton of cigs. Leastways he had the carton on him and cigs are too hard to get. Claimed he traded a bottle of Acquavit for them and maybe he did. Anyway we turned them over to the Norsky cops. Also the Norskys picked up a gal in back of camp for you-know-what with the G.I.s. For awhile I guess there was a regular tent city on the hillside. I just went to town to check up on the pests there and had to pick up two stews at the club and bring them back to camp. I’m going to turn in about 12:30 I think.

No mail again today. Can’t understand it. There was only one letter for the whole battalion.

Am anxious to hear how the veterans are fairing now. I’ll bet Erv is sho glad and that’s for sure.

We got another issue of the Spearhead today so I’ll send it along. I’m gonna have to buy some envelopes before I can even send this letter. By the way, tell everyone not to send any Christmas packages this direction. I’m hoping I’ll be home by then at any rate. That would be enough Christmas present for me to last quite awhile.

I’ve been listening to the radio about the landings on Japan. Seems these are guys who even want to stowaway on planes and boats to be one of the first to get there. I can remember when they wouldn’t have been troubled so much on that score. Funny world. Well, I for damn sure don’t care a thing about being there or seeing it either. I’m pretty well fed up with this kind of traveling.

Didn’t you tell me I had a lighter on the way? Just wanted to check up. Isn’t it nice now that I don’t have to beg you for anything more in letters?

Well, honey, I think I’ll read awhile now. I sure love you and miss you, kid. Hoping I see you real soon.

So long.


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