Monday, August 27, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, that long awaited jackpot hit again today. I got five letters from you and a little package of Molle shaving cream with some funnies. Then I got a nice long letter from Sis and one from Mom. Your letters were all real long ones and were dated Aug. 13, 14, 15, and two on Aug. 17 to celebrate V-Erv day. It sure made me feel good to hear from you again and to get the news that at least one member of the clan is home. It sounds like the other member won’t be far behind. Meaning Chick. Me and the government have a grudge fight, I guess and we’re going to fight this thing out to the bitter end.

(Wa he hell happened to this typewriter??) I’m sitting here sweating out guard mount now. Have another hour to wait. Then I’ll be officially off guard.

I kinda think something will happen around here next month. We should know one way or the other just how long we have to wait. No, honey, we aren’t considered as occupation forces. There may be some that don’t have enough points who will end up in that capacity but not this Joe.

Guess things were really a mess around home on VJ Day huh? You sounded like you stayed pretty prim and sober, is that a fact? I for damn sure did. It was more or less just another day except for that two day holiday (I’m laughing) we had. I imagine the ones that did the least were doing the most hollering. The rest of us are too damn glad it’s over.

I didn’t believe all that propaganda that Erv was putting out about being bald headed and one thing and another. Sounds like he’s the same old joker. He’s going to be bald headed tho if he don’t save a little of that there likker. From the sound of the way things are coming off I don’t think I’ll even telephone when I get to the States, I’ll just wait till I get home. I sure don’t want to bawling going on. Why should there be? That’s for when you go away not when you come home. I sure used to hate those going aways too. I hope there won’t be any more of that.

That S.2 you were asking about is the Intelligence section. Don’t laugh. But I’m still not doing anything definite and it doesn’t look like I’m going to. It’s just as well this way.

As for that play — I didn’t even know that Bob Pettit was it it. Was he? I never noticed his name on the bill of fare but maybe it was. What did he do? What is this a feud?

So you blowed yourself, hey. I’m sure anxious to see the housecoat — he said with a wolfish gleam in his eye. For twenty bucks you should have six. But I want you to have these things as long as we’re able.

What are you doing for the low blood pressure? Honey, are you falling apart on me? All I can say is you better be getting yourself in shape.

Well, I had to quit long enough to get off guard but now that’s finished. (Forgot to space). Mom’s letter must have been written the day before Erv got home. Sis’s letter was dated the 16th and Mom’s the 15th but neither one mentioned the fact that he had got home. Sure am anxious to find out all you did or are doing. It’s tough the eating situation can’t get better as well as the gas and everything else.

Thought I was going to be able to type a few letters tonight but the guy who owns the typewriter wants it so it looks like long hand the rest of the way.

I think maybe I go to the show in town tonight. There isn’t anything else to do. The club is closed tonight as it is every Monday. Looks like I have to drink beer tonight but then they have some pretty good beer at the PX saloon in town. It tastes more like beer than anywhere else I have been yet. Don’t know what it is on at the shows but they should have a new one by now. Think I’ll hit the sack early tonight.

I owe Coe and Carrie both letters too. I even owe Harry one. I got his cute v-mail the other day. That guy must be a holy terror. If Chick don’t get home pretty soon I expect Joannie will be nerts. Chick will just about get home in time to help Francy spread the manure in the front yard, won’t he. Which side is the rose bushes on this year?

Well, honey, I think I’ll bring this thing to a close. It’s almost chow time and I’m hungry. Sure miss you and hope I see you soon. Love you with all my heart.

So long now.

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