Tuesday, August 28, 1945

Dearest Gee.

No letters from you today, honey, but I did get two little packages of funnies and gum, and that swell lighter. Several of the fellows have lighters like that one and they work pretty good. My Ronson you gave me is just about kaput. I still have it tho and will try to find some necessary pieces to fix it. Sure do thank you for this one as the match situation is pretty bad. We just got our rations again tonight and received one measly box for two weeks rations.

I wrote you and Mom our a v-mail form today for stopping the mailing of Christmas packages. You’ll be getting it one of these days. I hope you’ll be getting me too one of these days. Lord, now that’s so close I can’t hardly wait. No one has said anything definite on how quick we get rid of these Jerries, or at least get them down so the Norskys can take care of them. From the looks of these Norsky G.I.s I think it would take about ten of them to take care of one Jerry. I always thought that the Norwegians were a great, big, husky sort of people but they are just the opposite. It isn’t because they are starving either because while they don’t get plenty to eat, they do get enough. I think right now they are hurting for potatoes.

Sure am anxious to find out all you’ve been doing with the war veterans. Didst get a little blotto eyed the other night when Erv got home. Be sure and tell me everything you do. I expect Erv will use the car while he’s there, won’t he. Sure is nice that the gas rationing is all off.

I[‘m] doing a trick of C.Q. tonight, hence the typewriter. I went to town last night but it sure was a dreary night. I wanted to see the show that has on Mickey Rooney but it was all sold out even for the second show. I went across the street to another one and it was a Swedish picture. Don’t ask me what the name of it was. If you think it wasn’t a mixture — they spoke Swedish and underneath the picture they wrote the lines in Norwegian. You just can’t get up and leave anytime you want to, so I had to sit it out. It was one of those heavy or dramatic pictures on how the Swedish won some sort of a battle. I guess the hero and heroine were spies. Anyway the heroine got herself shot and killed in the end so everyone was pretty happy about the whole thing. Such a way to stop off a picture. He dood it to her too kid, you could tell just as plain. It would never have passed the Hayes office and that’s for sure.

I think I’ll wait and find out where Erv and like are going to settle down before I write a letter to them. Do you think Erv will still take that job at the University? It would be a pretty good job but I don’t know whether he would like it or not. I expect Mae is pretty tickled to have him back again after all these years huh? You probably will disown me.

I haven’t been to Oslo now for about a month and a half so I think I’ll take it in about Thursday. They have a little more to do there then they do here. I’d take my camera and take some pictures but I dot to use a pair of pliers to turn the film. Kinda cramps the style.

Guess old McArthur finally landed more troops on Japan today. I’ve been listening to it over the radio whenever I get a chance, but that’s not very often.

I just got the bad news from the Sgt. Major that me and another guy have been nominated as door guards at the Club tomorrow night. I talked my way out of it the last time but it looks like I’ll have to take it this trip. That’s a bad job. I’ll probably come out of it with a couple of black eyes. The worst trouble comes from the junior N.C.C.s trying to come in with a member. The only reason they can’t is because the club isn’t big enough for all and they sure can’t be making exceptions. Then when they get half canned up on this stukka (?) juice they decide to force their way in.

Guess I’m getting down to the end of this roll so I’ll have to start stopping this. I want to write Mom and Sis a letter yet tonight. Well, honey, I’m sure sweating out the day I see you again. I sure love you and miss you, kid.

So long now,


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