Monday, September 3, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got your swell Aug 22 number today and two packages from you too. One was a package of wafers with funnies and the other, the package of birthday cards you got. Also got a letter and package from Mom of four packs of butts. Sure was glad to hear from you as it’s been two or three days now since I’ve heard anything. Your letter also had the picture and clipping of you, Chick and France + Joannie. I thought it was a good picture for a newspaper picture. T’were a nice write-up too. I hope he is having a good time because Lord knows everyone will forget it all soon enough.

I heard a very delicious rumor last night that sounds awful good. I only hope it’s so. We are suppose to leave here Oct. 14 and go from Oslo by Liberty ship to Liverpool, England. Cross England by train, which takes up about two days, and catch a Queen’s liner for the States. As far as the leaving on Oct 15 that much is practically certain unless some dire deed happens to change it. The rest of the story is just off the first hole. If that’s all true, I’ll be in the States the last of October. Oh boy. I feel like going around climbing flagpoles ’n stuff.

So you aren’t having such a good time with Ervie and Mae. Mom didn’t say anything but then she wouldn’t. I suppose they are anxious to be by themselves after four years almost of separation. But they should sacrifice a little for the folks. Lord knows they sure worried enough about him.

Yes, honey, awhile back I wrote to Cecil and asked him the lay of the land as to houses but haven’t had any direct answer from him. Today’s letter from Mom says he called them and told them as soon as he had a house plastered he would come around and show it to you, however, all that will have to wait till I get home. I understand the houses he is building now are not much good. Too much green lumber for one thing. While I don’t expect a bargain I sure would like to have our money’s worth, wouldn’t you, honey? We have to have some place sometime and for some reason or other I prefer someplace at the edge of town rather than right in it. But I’d want to talk it all over with you first before doing anything.

Boy, this excitement sure is rough on me, kid, I’m smoking cigarettes like mad. I can see why Erv lost weight. Last night I went to the show and saw Greer Garson in “Pride and Prejudice”. It was pretty good. I think I’ve seen examples of all nations film snow and we’re so far ahead of them that it’s pitiful. To see one of their shows is like going to see one of our films of the vintage of 1902. It’s no wonder the people flock to the American pictures. The British films aren’t much better either. Their pictures always try to show how superior the British are in something or other.

Kid, you’ll have more than a sore chin the next time. Do you remember two years ago the 9th of this month? I had just come back from the Aleutians and you came to Ethan Allen? One thing we’ve both got out of this army is a lot of traveling but married life and army don’t mix. They’ll have to come after me with a bayonet the next time. Only there had better never be a next time.

I just got another tablet of this Jerry paper. I’ll sure be glad when I don’t have to write any more letters.

It’s getting pretty dang cool here too, kid. It warms up in the daytime but cooler ’n hell at night. Well, honey, sure am looking forward to seeing you soon. Sure love you, honey. Miss you like everything. Your cards were sure swell. Thanks for everything.

So long.


Gee, Joannie, Chick, and Francy, after Chick returned home. Source:
Poster for “Pride and Prejudice” starring Greer Garson. Source:

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