Wednesday, September 5, 1945

Dearest Gee.

I got your swell number of Aug 26 today, kid, and a card from Sis. Twas one of those moron cards and pretty cute. I’d just as soon forget the birthday as I’m not planning on having any this year. If you can’t read this letter it’s because I was “out” last night. One of our guys, the sgt. major to be exact, had the misfortune to have a birthday last night and a whole gang of us celebrated it at the club. I have two tickets left now to last out the week so it looks like a dry spell for awhile. I had a good time tho and I guess everyone else did too.

I saw our mutual friend Bob Pettit today. He greets me with “I hear you made Staff Sergeant, how did that happen?” I was pretty cool, I’m afraid, as I sure don’t want to get him to coming around after I get home. He’d drive me nuts. He wasn’t in the play “Get Hep” but another one of some kind they had in Oslo. He was in a signing act of some sort with three or four other guys. They would sing along and one of them would hit a sour note then he’d lead him off stage and pretend to shoot him. It finally dwindled down to him and a little guy. Finally the little guy made a mistake, so he lead him off stage and fired the pistol and then the little guy came back in place of Pettit. Corny, huh?

Did a little washing today. Two T-shirts, two shorts, a towel, a hanky, and three pairs of socks. I’se so tired!

You didn’t mention Ervie so I suppose they have gone home. Sis didn’t say nothing on her card but then there wasn’t much room. So Chickie and Rita are all hokey dokey again, huh! They’ll fool around and get married up yet. That parts all up to them. Guess you wish now somebody woulda horned in on us and kept you from making the mistake you did but it’s too late now. Are you still on vacation? What are we going to do when I get home, kid? — I mean, besides that! Are we going anyplace or do we gotta stay home? I bet Promise a bottle of whiskey that we would leave in October and he bet September — by the 15th. It looks like I win but it’s not payable till we hit the States.

I may go to the show tonight. Don’t know if they’ve changed pictures yet or not.

I’ve got a couple packages fixed up to send home. Need some paper yet to wrap one. One is six rolls of undeveloped film. You got to wait too long here for it and the they aren’t any good. I don’t remember what pictures I took even but I think they are of Germany and a couple of the planes we came up in. There are a couple pictures of the camp here and some of the fellows too. The other box is just my odds and ends. I’m sending nearly all the pictures you sent me and a flock more I picked up in Germany and other places. Also my pipe and pouch and coins. There is two maps, one of Anzio and where I had positions of LMGs and BARs on a secondary line. The other a map of southern France showing part of the route we took across the mountains. Also a map of Rome a guy gave me.

Is Chick going to write me a letter? I’d kinda like to know the rigamarole they go through to get discharged. They sho isn’t going to work on my teeth anymore. I’ve had enough of these army dentists. They are too anxious to get rid of you to do a good job. I sure have a mouthful of fillings now.

Well, honey guess this chatter has gone on long enough. Sure can’t hardly wait to see you. Hope you still love me. I know I love you mor’n more if that’s possible. Miss you like everything.

So long now.


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