Wednesday, October 3, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, the time is getting closer and closer. I got two nice long letters from you yesterday and one from Mom but didn’t get a chance to answer them. They were dated Sept. 19, and 21. We had to take four truck loads of British up to Heistadmoen yesterday and I got put in charge of the convoy. Didn’t get back until around seven o’clock last night and I was so tired I went right to bed. Seems like everyone around here has a cold now, and I’m no exception. Sure feel lousy. The weather has been so damp and rainy and foggy and cold and everything else. If we don’t get out of here soon it’s liable to take a notion to snow.

They had some v-mail forms to send out telling you not to write anymore letters but I didn’t send any. We were only allowed one so I didn’t want to mess with it. You can tell them all to stop writing for me. I sent you a box today of a lot of odds and ends. Also the few things I picked up in Sweden. The two pair of socks you’ll probably never wear — if I know you — as I don’t think you ever wear that shade or that kind — who knows, maybe not even that size. But you can do as you like with them. Sure wished for more dough to get everyone something.

We are supposed to have another parade in Oslo on or before the 8th of this month. A farewell jobby for the King. All our weapons have been turned in. I just have a handful of clothes left now. I’m hoping to be able to salvage my ODs before I get home as they are pretty well shot. Also want to trade off my ETO jacket as that damn tailor cut it down too much. Hope I can get another one. We are supposed to draw our bronze spearhead too. Thought we’d get one for Kiska but I guess not.

According to the Spearhead if two boats come into Oslo they will put the low point men on one and ship them to France and us straight home on the other one. If only one boat comes we will stop off in France long enough for them to get the low pointers off. In a way I would have liked to see England but I’d lots rather go straight home than have to fool around in some repple depple there.

The Club is closing this Friday. That will be a wild night. I think maybe I should stay in camp that night, huh? The Red Cross is already closed. It closed on the 30th. There won’t be much a guy can do from now on. Second B[attalio]n played First Bn. In football again the other day and beat them 19 to 0. They won the first time we played. Both games were played in the rain. I saw the first one but I didn’t go to the second one.

I think Nov. 1st is a little too early to expect me home. I’m hoping it’s no later than the 10th or 12th of November. I don’t think I’ll do much more writing so if you don’t hear for awhile think nothing of it.

Yes, I remember how Hilah celebrated my furlough from Vermont. I had forgotten what day it was tho. I sure won’t know them, will I? Guess we can get acquainted tho.

I sure can’t figure that striking stuff out. They are just hurting themselves. I noticed that old John L. Lewis’s name in on the deal too. Somebody ought to bump him off.

I haven’t heard anymore from Erv except that one v-mail from Mae. Mom says she’s been expecting them down every week-end but they never come. They probably have lots to do yet tho getting themselves straight out. I know I’ll be going around in a daze for a couple weeks anyway.

Well, honey, guess this is it for now. Sure looking forward to that day. Love you with all my heart. See you soon, I hope.

So long.


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