Sunday, September 23, 1945

Dearest Gee.

Got your “birthday” number yesterday with the picture of the Oslo explosion in it. I told you already what I did on that day so I won’t have to go into that again. I thought I’d be able to write a lot of letters yesterday as I was supposed to be on C.Q. last night and today, but one of the guys who is restricted for a few days pulled it for me. I had a cold coming on and figured by taking a few odd snorts maybe I could knock it out of me. After I got started they didn’t taste good at all so I was ready to come home around eleven. Stepped outdoors and lo it was pouring down rain. I had my raincoat with me but having it on doesn’t do a lot of good. Figured I could watch a ride but what do you know, I had to walk all the way to camp? My pants got soaking wet and so did my feet. If I don’t wind up with a good cold after this it’s a miracle. They are saying now we can expect snow most anytime. Lawd lawd. When I qwine tuh cum hum!

I’m trying to locate a camera to take to Sweden with me but can’t seem to do it. However, Prosise is going to borrow a camera so maybe I can get some pictures from him. I still have six rolls of film to use up too. I’m kinda excited about going and yet I guess there really isn’t much to see that’s any different. The main reason I like it is because it will cause five days to go by faster. Then it will be October. The Stars and Stripes had an article in it saying we were leaving here by the last of October but I’m hoping it’s before that. Have you got my shirt washed and ironed yet?

I want to dash Mom off a few lines yet so guess I’d better stop. Yes, honey, I saw the wreckage in Oslo. Sure was a mess but no longer exciting. Sure do love you, honey, with all my heart and can’t hardly wait to see you. Hope you still like me a little.

So long.


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