Friday, July 16, 1943

Dearest Gee,

Thanks to the American Red Cross Chapter at Malvern, Arkansas, I have writing paper again. They opened up some boxes donated by them last night and gave us each a canvas bag full of different things. Had a small book, sewing kit, soap, razor blades, paper, pencils and envelopes. Very nice.

The [redacted] has [redacted] considerably now. We sure spent a few [redacted] days. Can’t say I’ll have any more [redacted] for any [redacted] tho. Sure gets tiresome.

I suppose you will get these letters in a lump as its a cinch they won’t be [redacted].

Be sure and let me know when Mildred + Eli have their baby and what it is, won’t you? That will be a big event, won’t it?

Hope you are all still okay. I’m getting along first rate. This army life sure gives a guy an appetite. Don’t know where I put it all.

Guess I’ll have to stop now. There really isn’t a whole lot I can write about. Will be anxious to hear from you of course, but that will be a long time off yet I suppose. Be good and I sure love you, so long now,


I’m fairly certain the first redacted paragraph refer to conditions on the boat. According to Adleman and Walton, the ship had stopped pitching about on the waves after the first six or so days. I could imagine the first two redacted sentences read something like: “The [ocean] has [calmed down] considerably now. We sure spent a few [sea-sick] days.” The final redacted sentence likely contains a reference to their destination, e.g. “I suppose you will get these letters in a lump as its a cinch they won’t be [sending them out/down from our base/destination/stop in Alaska/the islands].”

3 thoughts on “Friday, July 16, 1943

  1. Lisa, that is so “SPECIAL”, to read that your grandfather was grateful for receiving some paper & pencils…OMG Thank you for doing this project & sharing, THANKS, Kevin


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