Monday, August 2, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Sure have been working hard. We are pretty well settled now. We manage to sleep pretty well only you know me – never can get enough of it. We are doing pretty well on candy and cigarettes. We were issued six candy bars, and a carton of cigarettes was donated to us by the [redacted] starring [redacted]. Pretty nice of them, we thought. Cigarettes only cost 45¢ a carton and there seems to be plenty of them. It wouldn’t do to send any candy here as I’d probably be mobbed before I got one out. Can get along without it anyway.

Sure do think a lot of the folks at home. Wondering what you are doing. Will sure be glad when we start getting some mail. Don’t know when that will be tho.

Close and Hoffman are bunking with me. So is Lee. We have quite a time.

Talk about eats. We kind of suffered at first but they are really getting in the groove now. We had beef + noodles tonight and pineapple pie. Sure am in misery. Also had hot chocolate.

Think I’ll just write you now and you can let the folks in on everything. Don’t really have time to write much. Will write every chance I get tho.

Gotta hit the hay now so

So long. Sure love you and miss you.


The First Special Service Force Association has the full set of “mugshots” on their website, so I’m able to identify Close, Hoffman, and Lee with whom Snook mentions bunking. They look like a group he’d have “quite a time” with.

Francis John Close
Ernest Hoffman
Marcus Lee.

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