Thursday, August 12, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Well, honey, guess it’s about time I was writing you again. Still don’t have much to tell tho. Am still in the best of health and getting plenty of good eats. Don’t get a whole hell of a lot of sleep tho which is about the biggest drawback. They sure pile on the work around here, but I guess it’s necessary. Will sure be glad when this damn thing is over.

We had quite a windfall the other day. We all paid 75 cents and in return received nine candy bars, five bottles of pop, two boxes of cheese tid-bits, and two boxes of vanilla wafers. Sure went over big. We get hard candy at nearly every meal so the candy situation is pretty well taken care of.

Finally managed to take a couple of hours off the other day and hitched my way down to the movies. They have a real nice one considering everything. Saw the Dead End Kids in “Mug Town“. Wasn’t too good, however they had a cartoon and a Pete Smith specialty that was good and a short of Glen Gray and his orchestra. Enjoyed them as much as the feature. Something like that really helps if we could only have the time to see them more often. Sure do miss you all and you especially. Think I’ll be a kind and dutiful husband by the time this is over. Puts the fear of the Lord in you.

How are you making it. Sure hope you are okay. Any more trouble with your feet? Are you still taking the treatments? If you can get them fixed up for John’s sakes do it! Has Francy got the house all pretty now?

Well, guess I’ll have to quit now so be good and I sure love you.

So long now,


This letter was written from the base camp at Amchitka Island, three days before the Force landed at Kiska Island (mere hours after the Japanese withdrawl).

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