Tuesday, August 17, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Guess it’s high time I was writing again. Am still okay and my cold is practically gone. How are things coming along at home?

We had another mail call three or four days ago – seems like a year already. I got your card telling me not to flirt but play checkers! That sure was a laugh. You sure won’t have to worry about the women. Also got a letter from Coe (?) dated June 27. She was telling me about Mildred making up a box for me and that she had donated some candy bars + gum. To date we haven’t received any packages or second class mail. However we can get all the gum + cigarettes we want but no candy bars. They told us [redacted] that incoming mail can be sent by V-mail if you want to. It’s supposed to be much faster. [full sentence redacted]

Sure do miss you like everything. Think of you all the time. Sure will be glad when this is all over. How is Chick and Erv making it? Haven’t heard from Chick yet. So far all mail has come from the last camp. Well, so long now. Sure love you. Be good.


In one of his brother-in-law Chick’s letters home to his (and Gee’s) parents, he mentions that Snook is at Kiska and that he wouldn’t trade places for him, as cold and damp doesn’t agree with him.

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