Saturday, September 25, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Got your welcome Wednesday letter today. Also got one from Mom. Glad you didn’t waste any time in writing. I plumb forgot to go to the Van Ness to see about that mail but I’ll see tonight. I imagine they returned it by now tho.

I still haven’t got much to write about. We just finished having the dress services and parade for the Colonel and then had a clothes issue. I didn’t get anything as they didn’t have what I wanted to salvage. Did turn in those bad old old ski (?) packs tho.

Went to town last night with Doug + Close. We went to Arcadia (the place we ate there by the show) and had supper. Had a tenderloin steak (yep $1.50) and a bourbon highball for an appetizer. Didn’t really need one tho. Then we went to the show. Saw Jimmy Cagney in “The Oklahoma Kid”. It was at the theater that had the show on you had seen before, member? It was pretty good too. It was a cowboy pitcher.

Am doing just first rate on the candy situation. Still have half the divinity and half of Mom’s box. Close brought a box of candy- or rather it was sent to him, and we’ve just had oodles.

Hoffman finally rolled in this morning. Says he’s been on a six day whizzer. Kelly isn’t back yet! One thing they got red-lined this month on their pay as the payroll has already been signed and turned in.

We filled in another emergency address card this morning. The usual stuff.

How’s Hilah and the new young’un coming along? Suppose Jack has gone back by now.

Douglass’s wife is driving his car up this week-end and then is going to leave it and he’s going to drive it back next week – if he’s still here. He has a hell of a time getting gas tho so he can’t do any running around. [unknown] hurry him to get enough to get back on. Ain’t like home. They just don’t have the gas to give here. Now they are giving week-end passes good till Monday morning. Wouldn’t you know it?

Well kid, guess this will be all. Be good and I sure love you. So long now.


Clyde Edson Douglass, Pfc. Sv. Co.

Clyde Douglass, or “Doug”, was able to have his wife bring their car up to Burlington because their home was in nearby Poughkeepsie, New York.

“Kelly” refers to Francis Kellershon.

Francis Williams Kellershon, Pvt. Sv. Co.

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