Sunday, September 26, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Well, Close and I went to town again last night. Close took some clothes in to be cleaned and pressed and then I went over and got your letters at the Van Ness. There was one from your mother (I didn’t read it but I had to open the envelope to get it in the other envelope) and one from Mae and one from Mildred. Was that all of them? I read Mae and Mildred’s.

After the we went to the same place we went the night before and ate then went to the show. Saw “Back in God’s Country” and it stunk. That was the only show we hadn’t seen already so we had to go to it. Then we had a hamburger at Charley’s and came back to camp. Got in about eleven.

We are starting to work on the boxes again so reckon it shouldn’t be too long. Sure wish I knew for sure about everything.

How have you been doing? Didn’t get any letters today but I reckon I will tomorrow.

Think I’ll go up town now and eat dinner and see have they changed movies yet. Hope so, at least it’s warm in there and it’s a time waster.
Kellershon hasn’t come back yet. He’s making a real stay of it, ain’t it. I don’t blame him.

I think I’ll try to send this good conduct medal home in this letter. I got it down town. You can add it to the collection. Also my “furlough” papers. Watta laugh!

Just finished writing Es + Harry a short note of thanks. Wrote Erv + Chick the other day so I’m gradually catching up.

Well, kid, wish I was going into town now to see you, at that bad old Van Ness. Guess we’ll have to postpone it awhile tho. Be good and I sure love you. So long now.


Hotel Vermont and Hotel Van Ness, the two Burlington hotels Snook mentions regularly while staying at Fort Ethan Allen, circa e. 20th c.

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