Monday, October 4, 1943

Dearest Gee.

What do you think of my new stationary. Bought it last night, also, lighter flints, fluid, and a new toothbrush. Having had the same one since I’ve been in, I thought it about time.

Reckon we ain’t going so soon after all. Must have been a sudden change in plans. Now we are sending out laundry again and even dry cleaning, so that’s a pretty good sign. I still have got my laundry back yet from over a week ago. That means another couple of weeks at least. I ain’t sorry.

Close, Lee, and I went to town last night. We hunted all over for a place to eat but no soap. Finally, we found a soda fountain that served sandwiches and had a couple egg sandwiches apiece. Then we tried to go to the show. They’ve got on Bob Hope in “Let’s Face It” that I’d like to see but the line was down by the Vermont Hotel. We finally went to the show on down the street and saw a knock-em-down-and-drag-em-out affair. Don’t remember what the name of it is.

Wasn’t going to town tonight but Close says he is so I guess we’ll go see the show tonight.

Maybe you’d better tell the rest of the them that we aren’t leaving just yet. I wrote Mom, Hilah, Mildred and you yesterday so they will be the only ones what knows it. Guess the thing to do is not say when we’re leaving because it will be just one letter after another contradicting each other. We have to turn in our braid and patches now so it’s a good thing you’ve got the pictures. You still have a braid tho, don’t you? Am gonna see if I can manage a patch.

The Captain turned the company over to me this morning to give them bayonet instruction. Fine thing! Member how I always hated bayonet training. I still do.

We load our boxes tomorrow but we won’t leave just yet. This will probably be a here today and gone tomorrow affair as all we have to pack now is our clothes and that won’t take long.

As usual whenever we try to get in town early something messes things up. Now we have a formation at 6:30 tonight. Don’t know what it’s all about yet, but soon will. Just got finished with my spaghetti for supper. Had pork chops and potatoes fixed with milk gravy for dinner. Sure was hungry too.

Looks like we is being prepared for high mountains, snow, and extreme cold! Lordy. Reckon that could either be Italy or Norway. Aren’t the Alps in Italy?

Got your swell Friday letter today. Spect by this time the gab fest is all history. Sure hope she’s happy and I imagine she is. Kid, you should take up drafting. That rearranging scene is a work of art. You draw ‘em and I’ll build them.

How in the hell does that Joe do those kinda things? That guy’s got it made. Sounds awfully fishy to me. Ask him if he’s still in the army.
Got a two page from Mildred today too. She was telling me about the bridge club. They must be playing the same shows at home that they are here. “The Phantom of the Opera” was here at camp but I didn’t go. I just told you I wanted to see Bob Hope tonight but it doesn’t look like I’ll get to.

She sure is chilly here kid. Believe you could wear that fur jobby now and like it. We still run around with just our blouses on but the civilians wear their top coats and such.

Haven’t had a word from Erv yet. Have you? Wonder if he’s got my letters yet.

Sure wouldn’t have done for you to come back with me, kid. Rooms are really tough to find. Guess they are moving out to suburbs.

Well kid, I managed for on patch anyway. Told them I lost it. Couldn’t very well lose two although I wish I could. I’ll send it home and when I come back if you I need it you can send it back to me.

Guess this will be all now so,

I sure love you and miss you.

So long,


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