Sunday, October 3, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Got your Thursday and Friday letters today. Sounds like you are up to your neck in work too. The rat race has officially started now. Will probably be leaving sometime this coming week. We had our week-end passes cut down to overnight yesterday. Had to arise this a.m. at seven and go to work at eight. Have been packing all day and will continue until it is done. Hope I can get in town tonight and mail this as I sure don’t dare mail it out here at camp. Would like to have called you but good Lord the booths are full all the time. The phones at camp are all cut off on account. Sure ain’t ready to leave yet but you know how it is. Keep remembering I love you even tho I don’t always show it as much as you’d like. You be a good girl, and you don’t have to worry about me.

Have been on this sick list the last two or three days. Got ahold of something that poisoned me. Had the G.I. shits suthin’ awful. Went over to the dispensary yesterday and got looked over and he gave me a shot of suthin’ or other that tasted like hell but looked like milk. It fixed me up whatever it was. Last night I went to town with Close and Kelly and ate a big steak – fine thing to put in an empty stomach. I didn’t eat anything for two days. Close and Kelly went their ways and I went to the show. They had seen it already. It was Red Skelton in “I Dood It”. I didn’t care so much for it. When I came out I had a couple hamburgers — yes my stomach was feeling better — and then ran into Close + Kelly so we came home together.

Doug managed his week-end pass allright and got to leave at noon before they put the clamp on.

So Mary Ellen is coming. I’ll bet the gossip will fly thick and fast. How are they making it? Is he in the States for the duration or for just a short time?

Reckon you know what to do with the dough. Don’t know where you get that “your” money stuff. It isn’t mine, it’s ours. If you can save it, so much the better but if you need it, use it.

Guess I’ll have to quit now and get back to work. Sunday too.
Well, kid, I sure love you and I’m gonna miss you like everything.

See you later,

So long


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