Thursday, October 7, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Thought I’d better start using some of this airmail stationary for a change. Got quite a bit on hand now. Finally got the other package of airmail envelopes and v-mail yesterday, that you sent. Got a whole raft of back mail again too, today. Didn’t you say you’d sent me some airmail stamps in one of those packages, or did I dream that? I looked but couldn’t find any.

First off. I got your letter with the pictures in it today. They did turn out pretty good, didn’t they. The ones at home seemed to turn out better than the ones we took up here, for some reason or other.

So Val + Stitcher split up. Do you think it permanent or just one of those things we use to have? He must be a wolf. Never did care much about the looks of him anyway. She should be able to do lots better. Tell her I said to leave that bad old guy alone and find her another wabbit.

You must be having quite a time with the Xmas packages, kid. Told you in yesterday’s letter all I wanted and needed was a pipe and I think that will go in a package by those dimensions so you won’t have to lose your temper. Don’t care much for the idea of lugging a package around till Xmas. Don’t think I could stand the strain of not opening it anyway. The air mail stamps sound good. The air mail envelopes with stamps on are handier but have a tendency to stick together and spoil. My V-mail letters I had did that on the island. Erv should be tickled pink over his boxes. It’s quite a problem on me as I still don’t know where we are going, whether overseas, or some training area again. Why not just let the packages go until I get somewhere and then send them. I won’t mind if they are late because I know you’ll do the best you can. After all, it isn’t Christmas anyway unless you’re home.

Am glad Hilah is feeling better. Lord, if they have the same trouble as they did with Jackie [Jack Jr., their toddler], Hilah will be in the nut house. They sure do have their hands full now. How long is she going to stay at the Hinds [her parents]? Her worries will really start when she goes back home, won’t they?

While I think about it, if you can spare ten bucks I could probably use it. I’m not in any dire necessity as I still have six or seven bucks but the month is long and I might want to get something at the last minute. If you don’t have it handy, let it go. I’d rather see it in the bank.

Now, about your Xmas. I want you to go ahead and get whatever you want and say it’s from me. Couldn’t buy anything here and ship it to you as I can’t get in town in time to mail it. Anyway you know what you want and I don’t. Will you do that, kid? Would have liked to have buyer you suthin’ while I was home but things were kinda rushed, weren’t they?

I got your 21, 23, 24 letter of Aug 20 and one dated Aug 25 but no number on it. Also got a letter from Mildred [Cain Barber] — a long one handwritten while she was over to your house. You were giving a permanent at the time. It was dated Aug 16. Also got a birthday card from her and Claude. Got a card from Erwin Hanson too. Also got a V-mail from Chick dated July 27. It was from somewhere in Sicily. So that made quite a collection. Suppose I’ll be getting those 3 years after the war’s over. These must have gone up to the island and back.

Am having my troubles, kid. Got some kind of a rash on my face and it started spreading. Looks like the barber’s itch to me. I’ve been using those old blades that I’ve had ever since I’ve been in. They’ve got wet in the wrappers during my wanderings and have rusted a little. Musta got it off of that. Guess I’ll have to buy a new batch. Went on sick call this morning and the doc didn’t know what it was but put on some sulfathiazole salve and gave me some to use. Can’t shave, and my face is all plastered with the stuff. Looks like I started to shave and got stopped after I’d lathered my face. It isn’t very bad but the salve makes it look like it. He plastered my whole face so it wouldn’t spread anymore. The boys have to parade this afternoon but I don’t gotta go. The guys are all kidding me saying I’m bucking for S.C.U. One thing I’ll have to stay home for now. Can’t be wandering off to town. That will probably tickle you, huh?

Did a laundry today. Washed a couple pair of undies, 2 hankys and 2 pair of socks. I’m so tired. No ironing to do tho.

Well, kid, I’ll send the pictures back in a free letter later. Close and Willy + Hoffman didn’t have to do their extra duty after all. Just got bawled out. Alls well, that ends well.

Douglass has a 41 Pontiac convertible coupe, maroon color.

Guess that should take care of most of your questions, so I’ll quit now. I sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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