Friday, October 8, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Well, kid, I really rated today. In this morning’s mail-call I got three packages, and a letter from you. Sis sent me a box of fudge and some candy bars (Hershey’s), and Claude + Mildred sent me some of those big Hershey’s, and Es + Harry sent some candy and a whole lot of Toll House cookies. Here it is almost chow time and I ain’t even hungry. (Few minutes later). Just had chow and another mail call. Had hamburger and bread + gravy for supper and got two APO letters from you. One was a V-mail what wasn’t photographed dated Aug 5, and there other was the letter with Mildred’s write up of the trip to Wisconsin. You gals really must have had a time. I sure enjoyed reading it — except for Page 14. Guess I’m just an old fogey but it does kinda do something to you when you think of somebody else being alone with you. I trust you tho, kid, my Lord, I have to. It would still be worse if you didn’t tell me and I found out afterwards. Life must be pretty dull for you, hon, but believe me, it is for me too. I wish I could explain myself but I just can’t. And Mae taking her rings off — that beats the hell out of me. Bet if Erv knew that he’d skin her alive. Sure hope this war don’t wreck all our lives. It may be a long time yet before I see you again but don’t ever forget we still got a life to live — that is unless you get a nice letter from the government stating otherwise. 10,000 bucks, kid, which side you praying on?

Think my mug is getting along a lot better. It never was very bad but the main thing was to keep it from spreading. I shaved today. Couldn’t stand it any longer. Soon as I got through I daubed myself again. I looked at my razor blades and all those blades you gave me have rust spots on them. Sure hate like hell to throw them away but really should. Can’t understand how the water got through the wrappers but it did. It was so damp on the island [Amchitka] that everything was wet. Guess I’ll get some more blades. Criminy, I got enough to last six months of these blades.

Close and Ernie and Lee went to town tonight. I’m all by my lonesome, kid. Maybe Kelly will come over after while. He’s got a pint we might work on.

Took a little hike this morning. Discussed various positions for machine gun and B.A.R. emplacements. Then we came back. Guess we were gone a couple hours. Then I had a detail to finish stenciling on our barracks bags. I gotta get a new one too. This traveling is sure tough on them. Don’t know a bit more about the leaving stuff. When you don’t hear from me you’ll know we’re gone.

Kelly just came in — with his bottle — but there is only = 1/2” in it, the dang hound. Says he’s got another’n tho but won’t break it open. Got a bunch more back mail yesterday too after I wrote you. Got another from you with the Wis. pictures, which were all good, got cards from Sedgewick, Morris’s, and one from Erwin Hanson. I sent the pictures all back to you in two separate envelopes cause they made too big a bundle otherwise.

Well, kid, be good and I’ll see you ‘gain tomorrow. Got another review coming up tomorrow afternoon. Sure love you and miss you.

So long,


In addition to the regular Hershey’s Bar being a coveted item by soldiers, Hershey’s worked with the US military to develop chocolate ration bars for soldiers.
Toll House Cookie Ad from November 1943 Good Housekeeping, likely hitting news stands a little over a month after this letter. Based on Snook’s mention in this letter of receiving them from Harry & Esther, Nestlé’s advertising seems accurate.

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