Monday, October 25, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Had another mail call today and I rated four. Got two nice ones from you, kid, and a swell one from Mom, and one of Mildred’s supers. Lord. I sure have been sweating over these letters. You say you haven’t heard from Chick for quite awhile? I suppose they are holding up his mail till they get settled someplace again.

What did you mean by Joe being “assigned”? Isn’t he assigned anyplace yet? I thought they were all settled in Chicago. The luck of some people is uncanny.

Mildred was telling me about them eating a nice big sirloin steak. Sure would like to have one of your T-bones. ‘Spect that would take all of the No. 4 coupon book, huh? That new book must be a whopper if it’s going to last the duration. You’ll have to get a wheelbarrow to carry it to the store.

So you didn’t like that one letter, huh? Well, you just don’t worry. You know by now that we just have to go through all these things. I hope this will be our last trip across and that the next time we come back it’ll be to come back for good. That can’t be any too soon to suit any of us. Sure think of you all the time, kid.

Hope you and Val had a good time. I didn’t get to see “Swing Shift Maizie” but the boys said it was pretty good. They have a theatre here but I haven’t been to it yet. Close and Lee went tonight, but I wanted to get these letters off.

That certainly is a raw deal of Rita. If I were Chick I’d sure give her the well known. Don’t think Margaret [her mother] will ever get her to come back. She’s having too good a time. Thirty boxes is a hell of a lot of boxes. For Chick’s sake, I hope he’s somewhere that he can stay for awhile. People don’t realize that a guy has to carry that stuff around. But Lord does it ever look good while it’s coming in. Mostly because it’s something from home.

Just had another little mail call and got your Thursday letter. Glad to hear you and Val had a good time. So she’s got a new boyfriend. Man she kinda loves ‘em and leaves ‘em, don’t she? She don’t waste no time either.

Kid, I don’t remember what Dinah Shore looked like. I’m afraid now to say anything about her if people say she looks like you. Laughed like hell over Sis saying that crack about her not being good looking. Bet that toned you down a little.

And Charlie Miller an M.P. He’s just the type. If he’d ever get around this outfit he’d take up something else. Some of these M.P. jobs are pretty good. Guess the ones that ride the trains have a good job.

My Lord, I didn’t realize Uncle Henry and Aunt Nell were so old. That’s nice that they are giving them a party. Don’t suppose it will be a whole lot of fun for you but it would be nice if you went.

And Mel’s hubby is in Dyersburg, Tenn. Were we any ways near there on our trip? Sounds kinda familiar. How does he like it? I expect anyplace so long as it’s in the States will suit him.

Could there be such a thing as them bringing Chick back to the States? Stranger things have happened. Maybe they figure he needs a rest. No! The government could never figure that way.

Well, kid, guess I’ll slack off for tonight. Wish you’d write Erv and tell him the new address and that I’ll write soon as I can.

Sure do love you, kid, more all time. Be good and

So long now.


Does Gee look like Dinah Shore? You be the judge.

Chick was most definitely not headed back to the States. He was fighting in Italy when Snook wrote this letter, and despite Gee and her folks not getting word from him, he had been writing home from the front.

Joe, or Lt. Joseph Chick, was mentioned in the previous letter as “St. Chick”, a family friend not to be confused with Chick Bruns, Gee’s brother. Thanks to Erv’s daughter, my cousin Mary, I have some letters to Gee from Joe late in the war which will be shared at the corresponding time with Snook’s letters – I’m still hunting through family photos to identify him before he gets his own entry on the bio page.

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