Friday, November 5, 1943

[Location redacted]

Dearest Gee.

Have a few minutes to spare now so will drop you a line to let you know I arrived safe and sound. We had a swell trip but I’m glad that part is over.

The climate is really nice. Things look so queer to me here. If I only had my camera I could really go nuts.

It’s really hard for me to write as they tell us all we can say is that we’re in [redacted]. Sure makes it tough, but I guess you understand how it is by now.

Sure do miss you and your letters. Expect it will be sometime before we get any. Tell them all to be sure and write even if I don’t because if I don’t it will be because I can’t.

How are you getting along now? Suppose you are seeing shows every chance you get.

You asked about Close and Lee in your last letter. Yes, Close made T/4 but Lee is still a technician fifth or a corporal. I don’t see a whole lot of Close now as they keep us both pretty busy. Lee is with me now, however. Kellershon isn’t, nor Douglass. Little Rizzi is in my section. He asks about you once in awhile.

The natives I’ve seen so far don’t appeal to me at all. They sure are dirty [redacted] ask for cigarettes all the time. There must be a terrific water shortage or something because I’ll swear these natives have never taken a bath.

It’s getting dark now and I can’t see to write much more even if I could.
Would sure like to hear from all of you. Suppose it will be Merry Christmas by the time this gets there. Hope you do have one at any rate. Did you ever buy that purse? I think you told me you did but don’t remember.

How’s Francy and Joannie getting along with the remodeling? Sis said there was a few words as to whether it was to be paint or wallpaper.

Well, kid, guess this will be all. Take care of yourself and remember I sure love you.

So long now.


“We have just begun to fight” poster by the Office for Emergency Management. Office of War Information. Domestic Operations Branch. Bureau of Special Services, 1943.
From the National Archives Photographic Materials collection.

Snook would’ve just arrived in Casablanca, Morocco after sailing across the Atlantic from the States.

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