Saturday, November 6, 1943

Dearest Gee.

I wrote you two regular letters because I didn’t have any V-mail but Lee just let me have this sheet. It should be much faster than regular mail.

I’m feeling fine and getting along okay. At present we are just somewhere in [redacted]. That’s all I can say on that score.

I like it real well here. We’ll have to include this on our world tour we’re going to take after this is over. Guess that will run into money, won’t it?

Hope you are all okay. I miss you like everything. Sure am anxious to hear from all of you. Wrote Chick and Erv a letter. Will write every chance I get even tho I can’t say much.

Close is a T/4 now. He has his own section and I don’t see as much of him as before. No, Lee is still a T/5. He’s with me now.

We don’t get to have anything to do with the natives. Don’t believe I’d want to anyway. They sure are a dirty bunch from what I’ve seen. They look very “pikkeresk” [picaresque] from a distance tho.

Can’t say anything more right now so guess I’ll have to stop. Be sure and have them all write. Sure do love you and miss you.

So long now.


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