Wednesday, November 24, 1943 (Thanksgiving)

Dearest Gee.

Just received your Oct 31, Nov. 1 and 4 letters today. Made my Thanksgiving not so bad after all.

So Francy has up and did it again, huh! I thought it was about time. He should be on a farm where he’d really have some room.

Yes, you’d better watch that fur coat. How much is the insurance on those? Is it expensive?

We had a pretty good feed this noon. Had quite a bit of turkey – believe it or not – and not canned either. Also had the dressing with gravy, peas, walnuts, biscuit, and lemonade. I wished that the lemonade had been coffee but we can’t have everything. I enjoyed it, and I don’t suppose you had turkey either, did you?

No, I don’t get to see many of the friends I made in our outfit. We can’t get away from our particular places long enough. I do see Close, and Kelly, and Lee in my daily wanderings. I can see Chick whenever the opportunity comes up. You’d think from the way I talk that they are all miles away, but we are so busy that it doesn’t leave any time for conversation. Little Rizzi asks about you too. He’s still our barber.

Wish I could tell you more but this will have to do. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Be good.

I sure love you.


“In 1943, the American people sent two liberty ships fully stocked with Thanksgiving supplies for the soldiers. Everything was included, turkeys, trimmings, cranberry sauce, and even various pies, all sent throughout the European and Pacific theaters, all the way to the frontlines.” From “Thanksgiving in the 1940s” posted on The National D-Day Organization’s website.

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