Saturday, November 27, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Writing time is kinda scarce around here. I’m sandwiching this in between the noon hour. Hope I get it finished. Haven’t got any more mail since your three air mail letters. The v-mail you sent beat the air mail by four days as the latest v-mail was Nov. 8 and the latest air mail was Nov. 4. May not mean anything tho.

Got myself issued a wrist watch. Pretty good one too. Guess they wanted me to be sure and be on time for anything. I think every man in the company should be six men.

Haven’t heard from anyone else so far. We are being issued cigarettes and once in awhile hard candy. Guess maybe we won’t be short on smokes after all. Kinda miss that good old chocolate candy. Trouble is you never want that kind of stuff till you can’t get it.

There certainly isn’t [redacted]. Sometimes [redacted].

Would sure like to hear from Erv too. Never have got a word from him yet.

How’s you and the fur coat coming by now. Suppose by the time you get this you’ll really be wearing it because you have to.

People tell me today is Sunday but you’d never know it. One day is just like any other.

Hope you have a good Christmas, kid. I’ll be thinking about you. We’ll spend the next one together for sure. I sure love you and miss you.

So long for now.


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