Sunday, December 5, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Received your Nov. 14 letter with the newspaper in it a couple of days ago. Also got one from Coe with a package of gum in it. Tell her thanks for me if I don’t get a chance to write her. She had two letters in one. So far no boxes have been received by any of us. I haven’t heard from Erv or Chick yet, but I’m glad you guys have. So far, I’m in the best of health except for a slight cold but it doesn’t amount to anything. I’m sure sweating out those boxes tho. We don’t get any chocolate and and Mom said we had to ask for it before you could send it. Will asking for it in this letter do? If no — I sure would like some candy bars. If you can’t get them either, or if it causes you too much trouble, let it go.

Be sure and let me in on all the details of your Christmas. I do hope you all have a good one.

Just had a swell mail call this afternoon. Got your little gem of Nov. 10, one from Mom- same date, a long one from Mildred with her pictures in it, which was sure good by the way. And wonder of wonders, I got one from Esther. I guess that Harry is really a case when it comes to jobs. I sure laughed at the way she told it. By the way – I also could sure use some v-mail if you can get it. Sure can’t get any here and I’ve used up about all I have now. Should keep the rest for emergency, I guess. Sure glad to hear Erv is better and sure would like to hear from him. Keep your letters coming, honey. I sure inhale every word of them. Will try and rip off a few more letters tonight while I got the chance. I sure love you and miss you like hell.

Be good and

So long.


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