Thursday, December 2, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Received your Oct. 26 letter the other day. Also got a long one from Mildred dated Oct 25. I expect you did get a plenty of those APO cards as it seemed to me like I filled out a hundred. Did you get the v-mail one yet with the APO on it? I know how Chick gets all his stuff to send home. [Redacted]. I’ve managed to buy you a little cross and have some coins and a little money but that has been the limit of my souvenir-getting so far. Maybe we’ll get a chance to get more later on. [Redacted]. We’re supposed to get paid sometime in the future so maybe I can do a little better then. I don’t know yet whether we are allowed to send anything home or not. Wish I had more time to write but I just have to worm them in whenever I can. So far I’m still okay. Just got open another case of the G.I. well-knowns. I needed a good cleaning out of the transmission but not quite as thorough a job. No bad affects tho. I haven’t heard from Erv yet or Chick. In fact, I haven’t heard from anyone except you, mom, sis, and Mildred [redacted]. Reckon they will come flowing in one of these days. Will be glad when those boxes start coming in. Quite a few of the boys are wondering the same thing. Haven’t found my lighter yet, dammit all. Sure do miss it like everything. I’m always searching in my pocket for it. Still hoping it will turn up. Won’t be long now before Christmas, will it? Hope you all have a good one. Guess this is all now. I sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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