Wednesday, December 15, 1943

Dearest Gee,

Kinda hit the jackpot here the other day on the mail situation. Got seven letters. Two of them were from you. And the rest of them were from Mom, Sis, Mae, Erv, and a card from Mom. Mom’s card was the first Christmas card that I’ve received so dar. I expect some more will be forthcoming, huh? I can just go hog wild on this V-mail now as I got a lot of it from Chick. He had plenty of it so he let me have quite a bit. He said he was going to write to you too. I don’t see how I’m going to answer all the letters I have now but I’ll sure try. We have been in combat but I’m okay and doing fine right now. That is about all I can say on that score at present and it covers the situation pretty thoroughly anyway. Erv said in his letter that he had just received a letter from me but it must have been an old one judging by the way he wrote. He still should have a couple to work on. He said he had received one from you and that he really liked your letters. Mom’s Christmas card had a big package of gum in it. The letter was torn a little but I got it all right. She didn’t have anything else in it, did she? Nearly all essential items are furnished. The only thing we don’t get now is chocolate candy. I sure miss it too. I guess it’s mostly in the mind — just because you can’t get it, then is when you want it the most. I really would like some tho, if it isn’t too much trouble and doesn’t interfere with the war effort. We haven’t received any packages as yet but I expect them to be late. You know the old saying, “Better late than never.” No one has ever yet told me all the low-down on this Min and Bill affair. What was the reason for all the throwing-over? There surely must have been some reason, unless he’s just gone nuts. I don’t think she is going to live like that near as well as she thinks but maybe it will be good for her.

I suppose you are wondering about this typewriter business. I’m not on C.Q. as they haven’t decided to have any such things around here. Got enough to do the way it is. Our first sergeant —us being from the same state — invited me down to use the company typewriter , much to his sorrow. Sure does take a lot of typing to fill one of these forms. I just can’t think of enough to write about to fill them. I’m still in the best of health and except for always wishing I was home again, I am getting along fine. Everybody wishes that tho so I’ve got plenty of company. The only trouble about writing in here is the interruptions all the time.

I sure did get a kick out of E’s [Esther, Gee’s sister] letter. When she was telling about all the job changing it was really good. She said she kept a memo pad in the kitchen and when he [Harry, Esther’s husband] comes in at night he writes on the pad where he goes to work at in the morning. He says he is still seriously thinking about that invention. Boy, he is going to be all burnt out by the time he’s forty.

Seems like every time you write Bud Nelson is either coming home on a furlough or being transferred and then getting another furlough. The same goes for Joe Chick. Those guys really have it made. They are the wise ones. I think I’ll feel better than they will tho after this is all a thing of the past. All I want is to be left alone. Just you and me, boy. I don’t want to even hear anything more about the army. Yet I wouldn’t be happy on the outside. Funny, ain’t it? We’ll all be home by the Christmas after this one anyway. Well, I’ve finally reached the end of this page. Not much of a letter. I sure love you and miss you like the dickens. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


Snook mentions getting v-mail from Chick. Between his last letter and this one, Snook paid a visit to his brother-in-law, Chick, also stationed in Italy.

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