Thursday, December 16, 1943

Dearest Gee.

Just wrote you that long type written v-mail last night so I don’t have much to say tonight but will try anyway. I got your Dec. 2 v-mail today. It was the first time you mentioned getting a letter from me so I gather it was the first letter you’ve received. You should be getting quite a few more and probably have by this time. So they cut the hell out of my letter, huh. I don’t doubt it as they told us at first that we could say where we were and then after we’d mailed them they changed the order. You’ll be getting a lot of news tho pretty soon but it won’t be from me. Maybe you’ve already got it, I don’t know. I was sure glad about it all.

Sure wish I could have got in on that 65¢ chicken. I believe chicken costs about [redacted] bucks over here. They’re pretty scrawny things too. Douglass and Rizzi are still at their same jobs. Don’t know how you figure they changed jobs. Sometimes they have a few other jobs besides but we always need our hair cut.

Chick has the right slant about our army situation. You don’t need to worry about that boy. Fact is, we are both of the same mind. Anyway, this time next year we’ll be worrying about how me and you are going to make the next payment on the house. It will be a relief to have something different to worry about.

What did you ever find out about that Heath fellow that lived across the street? That really was a sad story you told about the fire. Have they got themselves straightened around yet? Did you have a good Christmas? Hope so, I sure love you and miss you. Be good.

So long.


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