Thursday, December 30, 1943

Dearest Gee.

I noticed in one of your letters you were telling about everyone getting a letter before you. I can’t understand it as you are always the first I write to, you know that. As a rule whenever I have time to write you I have time to write Mom. I don’t see why your letters should always be so late in getting there. I’m sure I wrote other letters before the 9th and 11th. Have you got them yet? I’ll explain more in detail about the letter deal when next I see you.

I suppose by now Joannie knows she got her wish or at least part of it that she sent on her card. Tell her thanks for the nice card.

Has Joe Chick been sent across yet. That is at least some satisfaction. I thought he’d fool around and want too much. Has Bud had another furlough yet? He’s about due again. Just let them start telling their bitter experiences once this is over. All hell will break loose. Well, honey, tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. Are we going to spend the next one together? I sure love you. So long.


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