Wednesday, December 29, 1943 (to Gee’s Bridge Club)

Well Gang,

I got your super card and the super duper cigarettes okay. The package was the first and only one that I’ve got so far. I did get twenty-six cards and letters in about three days time. Got cards from Paul Kunes, Ed Morris’s too. The mail was my Christmas this time and I was thankful for it. Sure thought quite a bit about home that night especially. Those States seem awfully far away. There will come a day and when it does you’ll sure hear a tall story. The Force has been in action. That’s all I can say about that but it’s enough anyway. Sure would like to be there shuffling a deck again but that day will come too. Did you all have a scrumptious Christmas? I was kinda glad just to be able to eat and sleep. The paper is running out so deal out a couple grand slams and be sure and deal me in next Christmas.

So long for now.


You can see Gee and Mildred Cain Barber in the back center of the photograph.

Every hopeful sentiment that the war will be over soon is so bittersweet to read knowing how long Snook still has ahead of him in the war. To say that the Force had “been in action” was certainly putting it mildly. The First Special Service Force fought for the bulk of December in the central mountains of Italy, including the battles for Monte la Difensa (Dec. 3-6), Monte la Remetanea (Dec. 6-9), Monte Sammucro (Christmas Day).

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