Tuesday, January 4, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Have been sweating out a letter from you for the past few days but no luck so far. Better be getting one soon as my morale is getting kinda low again.

Just what in the hell is all this striking going on over there anyway. It’s about time somebody was wising up. A little of this and they’d be glad to work for nothing. It sure gets the fellows dander up when they hear about such stuff.

This writing probably looks like hen scratching but it’s because it’s a borrowed pen and they never are any good anyway.

Somewhere along the lines I seem to have developed a mustache. Don’t be alarmed – you’ll never see it. I kinda caught the fad but it will soon disappear. It does help to strain one’s coffee tho.

Hope you are still all right. I am still okay. How’s Francey and Billy getting along? I sure love you and miss you.

So long.


Snook’s short-lived mustache mentioned in this letter.

I’m fairly certain that Francey is short for Frances and refers to Gee’s oldest brother, as Billy is her nephew who would’ve just turned 13 (his birthday was mentioned just a few letters prior).

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