Sunday, January 9, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got a letter from Erv again today. That makes two days in a row. New record. I wrote him one last night and wrote one to Chick. Guess Chick’s plans kinda got messed up a little. Hope you are appreciating these letters. I don’t have much I can write about but at least you have the satisfaction of tearing open a letter. From the way you talk you must think this is a garden party of some kind. It’s a long way from that. If we ever get home, I’ll have a nice little story for you. I think that’s a lot of the trouble nowadays. Too many guys think the war is fought in double barracks in the States. It can’t get over any too soon to suit me. I’d like to be talking about how the war was, and not is. I’ll bet your fur coat feels pretty good if it’s 10 below at home, don’t it? Take care of yourself. Don’t worry about being a grandma. Sure miss you, kid, I’m always wondering what you’re doing. Hope this is over soon and we can be together again.

Sure love you.


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