Monday, January 10, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got a nice bunch of letters today. Got your Dec. 20th jobby, one from Dad, one from Mildred, and one from Esther. It was Mildred’s first v-mail at least she said it was. It was dated the 23, the latest one I’ve received from home yet. Kid, I sure don’t understand about the mail. I don’t want to quit writing the folks. You sure wouldn’t want me to do that, would you? All the letters will turn up eventually unless something happened to them. I think all my letters are v-mail. It’s the fastest way. You sure sounded awfully down in the dumps, kid. That’s too bad about the desk. Don’t see why there should have been such a fuss about it. She is probably just as nervous as you are and the two don’t go very well. Hope it turned out for the best. I was not worried about Erv because I had heard from him. In fact, I’m hearing pretty regular now. I hope Mildred gets her wish. Well, the next letters should tell about your Christmas. Hope it was nice. I’m okay and sure love you and miss you.

So long.


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