Monday, February 14, 1944 (Valentine’s Day)


Dearest Gee.

Well, I sure have hit the jack-pot the last few days. Got your two air-mails of Jan. 4th and Jan. 27. Also your four v-mails of the 12, 13, 14, and 15th. Then I got a letter from Erwin Hansons with their picture in it; one from Mae, one from Florence Nesler, one from Mildred C., one from Sis, — guess I’d better stop for a breath. Also got the Christmas pictures you sent. They were all good except the one of Joannie, weren’t they? Wonder what happened there?

I see that mail trouble us cropping up on you again. I can’t understand it. I always write you first. Another thing I can’t understand is why you have us all over the globe. I’ve told you already we are in Italy. You surely must have those letters by now. Yes, you were right about the fact that I wouldn’t say anything about seeing Chick at the time. He could, but I couldn’t, but that’s the army. We sure had a good talk. Don’t look for anymore for awhile as that is a rarity.

I’m glad Erv has a nice spot. So he has “adopted” a little four year old. Some of them are pretty cute, and all hungry. Can’t help but feel sorry for the little tykes. Gave one four sticks of gum one time and you’d thought I’d handed him a million dollars. They really go for caramelli and goom.

Hope that there now cold that’s following you around goes away. I had one but it finally got disgusted and left.

Sure got a kick out of you thinking the guys in the picture were me, Rizzi, etc. If you’ll notice, they wear leggings which we don’t. You might watch the Life Magazines as one of their men was with us in the last operation. I managed to sneak in with a bunch of cooks as he snapped the picture. Had that old mustache on too. It’s gone now. If they used the picture I imagine I’d be on the right side of it. It would be a miracle if they ever did use it tho.

Gotta go now. Sure love you and miss you. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


A photo from the roll of Christmas photos Snook references in his letter. Gee is front and center, with Dad & Mom Barber on the left, Snook’s oldest brother Claude and his wife Mildred Cain Barber, and their sister Mildred, commonly called Sis in Snook’s letters.

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