Tuesday, February 15, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Just showed Close your pictures. It is pretty well settled that the best picture of you is the one where you are sitting on the floor by the presents. From all that array of gifts spread out there, it looks like you did first rate. Sure enjoyed my candy and am still enjoying the pipe.

Since Jenny got her job, I’ve been wondering if it made any difference in your decision as to going to typing school. One never knows how things are going to be after the war but I sure hope you don’t have to work. The way I feel now, you could have a steady job just cooking steaks and pork chops for me for about a month.

Sure am glad to hear you haven’t had too much cold weather. Maybe you didn’t know it was cold out with that there fur coat on. Sure would enjoy a good civilian show. Haven’t seen a show since I’ve been over here. That’s been my fault a few times tho.

Certainly is surprising news about Bernadine. Probably a little dose of puppy love and nothing to worry a whole lot about. The both of them are much too young for that.

Joannie’s desk looks pretty fancy from the picture. Is that where all the letter-writing originates?

Sure hope Bernard don’t have to go. That would be carrying things a little to far. I could name quite a few that should be taken before they start in on ones with two kids.

Hope those Russians continue the good work. Am just a little leery of them yet.

Just (burp) had a little dinner. Oh well, I call it dinner. Guess I’ll have to start thinking about stopping this letter.

Owe so dang many letters now but can’t begin to answer them. Guess you’ll have to tell them the score. Sure don’t want them to stop writing. I sure miss you, kid. Am looking forward with an evil glint in my eye for the next time I see you. Hope it’s soon. Sure love you. Be good.

So long.


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