Thursday, February 17, 1944


Dearest Gee.

Have had a busy day today but it’s kinda slowed down now, so here goes for a letter. I got so many letters and cards two days ago that I lost track of the number. Got a flock of them from you, kid. All us depend on that. Also got a sectional jobby from Mildred C. and a couple from Sis, Mom and Dad both got in their quota. Even got two from Erv. Got Mr. + Mrs. Nelson’s nice card. Wait, I’ll list them. Got your Dec 1st. (fine time to get here) Jan. 22, 23, 28, 30. Got Sis’s swell card of the 17th and v-mail of the 26th. Got a letter of Mom’s dated Jan. 18 and a v-mail from Dad of Jan. 17. Got two from Mildred of the 25th and one of the 28th, two from Erv dated Jan. 15 and Feb. 6; one from Es + Harry dated Jan. 22; one from Coe dated Jan. 23, one from Jack + Hilah of the 23; and the card from the Nelsons of the 19. Now how many is that? Eighteen? Not bad. Wait till you hear the rest. Got a nice big box from Mom and another one from Sis. Wow! Candy and comic books, pretzels! (but no beer). She’s about gone tho. Needless to say I didn’t eat any supper. Tucked down in the bottom of the can was a sack of jumbo peanuts! Were they ever good! The pretzels were the only thing that couldn’t stand the trip, they were all thru the box. The candy kisses went good too. Am eating one now!

Oh hun! I just got three more letters. Two more from Erv and one from [Aunt] Carrie. Got a back number from Erv.

Haven’t been able to write to either him or Chuck. Really ought to take time out and do it. Probably could hand it to him easier.

Boy, those candy bars are really morale builders. No more cigarettes, please! I’ve got five cartons now and we get them issued.

So far I’m fine except for missing you like everything. How you been doing, kid, okay? Are you going to buy a special hat for Easter per usual? I think I’ll wear the same one. It’s getting kinda battered but it’ll do for another season.

Guess I’ll stop now. Sure love you and miss you. Be good.

So long now.


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