Sunday, February 20, 1944

Somewhere on the Anzio Beachhead

Dearest Gee.

Got that swell little Valentine from you. Sorry I couldn’t send you one. Also got Joannie’s nice card. Be sure and thank her and give her my regards. Got one from Jennie and Joe [Chick] too. Tell her thanks for me. As you can see my the heading of the letter we can now say that much as to where we are. Never a dull moment either. We’re getting along fine tho and it looks as tho everything is under control. I get a big kick out of watching our bombers go to work on them. That really is a sight. The only thing I miss now is you and that home cooking. What I couldn’t do to some of your groceries. Judging from your letters it sounds like you’re back in that “sandwich” rut again. Is that true? I’m going to have to come home and straighten you out yet. From your last picture you look positively thin. Have you lost much weight? Close is ribbing me all the time about that fur coat. He always says “How’s that three-hundred dollar coat coming along?” So the government is going to give us all free trips to Berlin when they give up. Now that’s something novel. Is everything furnished? Better quit now. Sure love you and miss you like everything. Be good.

So long.


German aircraft shot down near the Anzio beachhead.

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