Monday, March 6, 1944

On the Anzio Beach Head

Dearest Gee.

No, I haven’t forgotten you. Not by a damn sight. Sure have been getting the mail lately. So many I won’t waste space by telling all the dates. Got another bundle of newspapers from you too, thanks. Also got a nice card from Coe and two v-mails from Hilah. Sure makes me feel good and bad at the same time because I can’t begin to answer them all. First off, I am sorry to report that I’ve lost my fountain pen finally. Sure hated it as I’ve had the dang thing for fifteen or so years. Now I’ll have to get another one someway. I’m writing this in pencil. Hope it turns out okay. I’m glad to hear the movies of you turned out well. I’ll bet on you hogging the camera! You never did like to have your picture taken anyway. I’m still fine so far. Lonesome for you tho. You sure must be having trouble with your feet. I wish there was something that could be done about it but, Lord, not losing a toe. Sounds as if the foot doctor did more harm than good. I got a letter from Chick the other day. He keeps track of me, and I of him. He’s still okay. Sure wish I could see Erv once. We’d have a good time. I got four letters from him. He saw Smitty finally. Guess I’ll have to stop now. Tell them all I said hello. Sure do love you and miss you. Tell the Ouija board to move it up a little.

So long.


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