Wednesday, March 8, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Sure did receive a gob of mail yesterday. In fact, I’ve got so much mail I’ve lost track. Got those two wunnerful Christmas boxes from “Mrs. Miller” and “Orpha Hempell”. Sure do thank you for everything. The sweater will come in pretty handy. Got a big box of candy bars from Mom the day before too so I’m pretty well stocked up. The lieutenant helps me quite a bit on it tho. I gave a little (dang little) to some of the little Italian kids. They didn’t know quite what to make of the Americano “caramelli”. They’ve not had any kind of American candy except the hard kind. Sure perks up the morale to get those packages. The cigarettes came in pretty handy too. The letters with the two guys pictures in it, I don’t know them but the Hank guy is telling a little el toro stuff about breaking his foot. There wasn’t anybody did what he said except two and they were officers. Understand? I got a letter from Chick. He tells me to pray. Just as if I don’t – or haven’t been. Sure helps sometimes. So far I’m still okay. Keep that Ouija board busy only snap the time limit up a little. Sure miss you. I love you like everything. Be good for me and thanks again for everything.

So long now.


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