Monday, March 27, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Received your March 14th v-mail today. Also got a long letter from Mom and a v-mail from Florence. You guys really must be having a time with Linda. I know the folks are anyway. Mom was telling of some of the antics she went through too. I sure would like to see her. Tell her I said hello if you still have her with you. How is Esther getting along? One of the fellows received a clipping from his wife cut out of a newspaper, of several pictures of the Force while it was in training. Did you see any of them? Must have been a Feb. 28 issue. Fine time for those to be coming out. I saw Close today, the first time in quite awhile. I told him all about the Chesterfield coat and he held my head while I wept. You know Close! I told him I was gonna ring your neck and he said I’d be so glad to get home I’d let you get forty coats. Guess he knows what he’s talking about too. Still can’t locate Chick. I never will give up but it’s a harder job than you think. Maybe he can find me. Nobody has any free time here. It’s midnight right at present. No quitting at five, no Sundays off. The Jerries think we never sleep. I believe they are right for once. It’s getting about the time of year for those famous trips to the Spring Mill State Park, isn’t it? My favorite time of the year. Sure do miss you and the rides. Love you with all my heart.

So long kid,


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