Saturday, April 1, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got your two v-mails of the 14th and 17th today. Also got a letter from Sis and a v-mail from Erv. I had quite a writing spree the other night turned out quite a few. That doesn’t happen very often. I got the pictures of the Chesterfield coat but I think I’ve already mentioned that looks pretty good. You say it’s bright red?? I hope you get all that out of your system before I get home.

Sure hate to hear all about your foot trouble. Is it all because of the corn or has that foot doctor messed things up a little?

I got a package today from Jack and Hilah. It had four packages of Chesterfields (no relation to the coat) in it. I also got the March issue of the Reader’s Digest. It has jokes in it too that I like. You can tell Mrs. Ozier that I’m receiving the magazine okay. The folks were saying they wanted to know about it.

Sure am in need of some lead for this pencil, kid. This is the last piece and it’s only about a half inch long. This soft lead doesn’t last long but it photographs good on v-mail, doesn’t it? Still haven’t found my pen but I don’t have much hope of that under the circumstances.

Life on this beachhead is just one long continuous fourth of July. We have a road that the fellows all call “Purple Heart drive” because of the shelling. Guess most any old road could be called that around here tho. The way some of the shells sound it’s as if they left the shell there and threw the cannon. We’re all pretty well used to it by now and it doesn’t bother us. The boys down at Cassino sure have my sympathy. They’ll come thru all right tho.

Our rations have improved a hundred percent. Really shouldn’t tell you about them because it’s liable to start making your mouth water. Every once in awhile we get fresh meat. For instance tonight we got a batch of hamburger. In between times we have a steak. Every once in awhile someone will “accidentally” mistake a cow for a Jerry and then we all have a share. Either that or they run into a mine field — then it’s hamburger. In our rations we get bacon, peas, corn, green beans, lima beans, meatballs + spaghetti, cigarettes, D-bars (chocolate bars), lard, coffee, sugar, baking powder. We had a gob of hotcakes yesterday. A guy showed me how to make them so now we should have them pretty regular. If somebody don’t quit stealing our chickens we’re going to run out of eggs tho.

That’s too bad about Mr. Chick. Guess Jenny will sure have her hands full. It doesn’t pay to try and live beyond your income like that. She’ll sure have to start realizing that fact now.

I’m glad to hear Bernard got the deferment. Can’t see what they want with the men in that class. I’ve been reading about drafting women for labor and one thing and another. That makes me boil. They’ll have us coming back fighting the wrong people. I want you there when I get there. They put everyone in the Army and let them stay around in the States in the barracks. How do they expect to get any work done that way. Guess I’d better not get into politics or this is liable to go on forever. Suppose I’ll have to stop now. Hope you all [are] okay. I’m still around. Sure do love you and miss you. Would like some more candy bars if you can manage. Please.

So long now.


Gee in her red Chesterfield coat.
1940s Chesterfield-style women’s coats, one in red. Source: Vintage Dancer.
WWII-era Chesterfield cigarette ad.

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