Sunday, April 2, 1944

Dearest Gee.

I sure can’t complain on the mail situation from this end. I got Joannie’s swell Easter card. Be sure and thank her for me. I hope the Easter news is right. Then, wonder of wonders, I got those three v-mails you wrote on the fifteenth, one written the 18th and one the twentieth. Then I got another v-mail from Mom dated the sixteenth. Was a red-letter day — get it?

Sho am glad you all are sending candy. Those peanuts sound good too. Since you say everybody wants to send me candy it looks like I’ll have to try and squeeze out some more letters to people. Sure comes in mighty handy at this end. Haven’t been able to find that pen yet so if you can’t get a cheap pen of some kind, send me some lead for this job.

Sho glad to hear the mail is getting through better. I’m glad Hilah sent you that clipping. I just wrote you the other night and asked you to look for it.
Thanks for sending the basketball scores. Would like to have been in on those even tho Champaign did get “whupped”. We won’t mention Urbana as I noticed you didn’t. They must have several new teams entered as I never heard of South Shore or Jonesborough. I’m getting way behind.
No, I can’t tell you anything about casualties. We’ve had them and are still having them. The main thing is that I don’t get to be one of them. Sho do sweat it out sometimes.

If you’ve got your heart set on that picture being me — me it is. Far be it from me to argue. The fellow in that other picture that Hilah sent you
Describe as “short and stocky” is Chief. I believe you know him. He’s the Indian.

I showed the lieutenant and the fellows your pictures of the new coat and they all thought the Ford V-8 was swell! They all want one like it. I think the coat looks alright tho. In the future don’t stand in front of a car to have your picture taken.

Well, if you’ve still got some candy I’d sure like to have some, please.

Guess I’ll have to quit now so I sure love you and miss you like everything. Hope I see you soon.

So long now.


1944 Illinois High School Basketball Championship scores, from the Daily Illini Newspaper, March 19, 1944.

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