Friday, April 7, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Got five letters today. Funny thing I got an airmail from you dated the 26 and then two v-mails of the 22 and twenty-third. Your airmail got here before the v-mails. Then I got a v-mail from Mom and one from Coe. I expect Coe has given up hope of ever getting a letter from me but tell her to hang on I’ll get around to it one of these days. I’m glad you got the package finally. So you think the [bed]spread will be alright? Trading over here isn’t like going in a department store at home and that’s for sure. I went to see Chick today. He’s not far away. I imagine I’ll see him again Sunday as he said he was going to try and make it. I managed to get there in time for chow. I went by motorcycle and he took my picture just as I was ready to leave. Through a series of shrewd trading the lieutenant has managed us a motorcycle. We had a bicycle, traded that for a German motorcycle, it developed battery trouble so it was traded for this British cycle. Runs pretty good. The usual thing happened to both Chick and I. Neither of us could think of anything to talk about. How did that Kimbel guy get the pictures of the invasion? Guess Mildred C. will have to pay attention to those hunches she gets. She’s pretty good. Has she had any more? Tell Jenny [Chick] and Mr. & Mrs. Nelson I was sorry to hear about Mr. Chick. Send some more candy if you can, thanks. Sure love you and miss you, honey.

So long now.


Snook on the British motorcycle he mentions in his letter. Photo by Chick Bruns, Source:

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