Tuesday, April 11, 1944

Dearest Gee.

Received those two packages of funny books and newspapers, thanks. Got a guy here that sweats out those funny books as bad as I do. Sometimes I think we’re crazy and then again some times I know it. Will you tell me why grown up men like those section eight magazines so well? I don’t know why I like them but I do. We sure do have dun on the motorcycle we acquired. Maybe we should trade off old Nell for a de lux motorcycle, suppose? If anything more gets the matter with it, we should all be expert mechanics. It’s getting to be a contest to see who can keep it running the longest. Haven’t had any letters now for about three or four days. Should be getting a nice fat gob of them. What kind of a job has Harry got now? Or should I say jobs? I’m glad Es finally got straightened around. By your last letter it sounds like you’ve developed into an amateur camera fiend. Those home movies are pretty nice. I’ll bet they had a hell of a time getting you to pose, didn’t they! I know how you hate to have your picture taken! Every time I get a letter from Erv he always mentions about going on an extended tour when this is all over. He wants us to go along. I would sure like to do that if we could, wouldn’t you? There sure is more to see in one state back there than there is in any of these countries. Well, kid, sure love you and miss you.

So long now.


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